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starlight and moonbeams

the realm of dreams and mists

Lady Esmeralda
I am a het fan. I do not approve of slash in any way, shape or form unless it is specifically stated in canon. I will not hesitate to scold anyone I feel is ruining the integrity of canon.

I'm also a romantic traditionalist who loves happy endings. I'm a sensitive reader and don't like when too many bad things happen to my favorite couples. So if you show me deathfic or sad endings I will complain.

Master List of favorite couples.

[sockpuppet for shipwar]
angels, anime, anti-4chan, anti-alternative pairings, anti-deathfic, anti-incest, anti-mary sue, anti-ooc, anti-premarital sex, anti-rapefic, anti-yaoi, anti-yuri, arguing with hannah, asprin and cold towels, bakuretsu hunters, battle of the planets, beauty equals goodness, being a drama queen, being a hypocrite, being a prude, being an entitlement whore, being an ingenue, being bossy, being conservative, being easily offended, being ladylike, being prissy, being proper, being right, being stuffy, canon, canon couples, catherine anderson, chastity, christianity, classical music, cyborg 009, damsels in distress, daydreaming, disney, dressing gowns, elitism, fainting spells, fairy tales, fandom, fantasy, fidelity, final fantasy, fire emblem, flowers, flowing skirts, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, getting the vapours, gordon is horrible, gundam wing, happily ever after, healing love, heroes, heroines, het, historical fantasy, hurt/comfort, jane austen, joe is horrible, knights, literature, lord of the rings, lovemaking, lucy is a brat, magic knight rayearth, maidens, manga, marriage, medival fantasy, melodrama, not maxie, not missy, passion, pocket monsters manga, pretty things, protecting canon, purity, ranting, rescue romances, respecting canon, rod is disgusting, romance, romance novels, romantic ballads, roses, rurouni kenshin, sailor bimbo is awful, sailor moon, sap, scandalized heroine spiels, scolding people, shakespeare, sharing views with angela, shoujo, slash fans are wrong, sparkling stream of tears, stuart is appalling, sue is a brat, taking canon seriously, tales of symphonia, tasteful eroticism, television, the bible, the power of love, the rose of versailles, the vision of escaflowne, theater, traditional couples, traditional roles, traditional values, trisha is a brat, true love, tuxedo wank man, video games, virtues, voltron, vows, weeping, whining, white horses, wounded gazelle gambit